Ex Enel Building

CAU10 - Fotoinserimento

The city of Turin Dora area presents a wide assortment of urban voids with very high potential. Many Architectural Studies in Turin have dealt with these spaces to recreate residences or tertiary centres.

CAU10 - Inserimento a 45 Gradi Low copy

The vacuum created by the demise of urban building Enel via Bologna has been a very special challenge for both architectural aspects and social one. After a very careful analysis of what was missing to our attention focused on an area used as a co-Working student-professionals and a meeting point for other users.

CAU10 - Vista Copertura copy

The first thing was to respect the historical memory of the building but not committing to it. In fact, maintained the facade of a real Cathedral, the building has been designed using advanced design techniques and the use of a cover which rises sinuous from the rear of the building as the vegetation would get inside the complex to create a park. Coverage that goes then to resume traditional forms of roofing area just to emphasize the transition between modern and tradition.

CAU10 - Tav 1

The perimeter is the only interface that users identify themselves but the true heart is using local time used for energy production now producing ideas. The roof is supported by artificial trees covered with vegetation to emphasize green which penetrates and creates a shelter from the rain.

CAU10 - Tav 2

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